Franklin Armory™ - Legal Defense Sticker

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Franklin Armory has been and will remain a steadfast supporter of the Second Amendment.

We've brought product into markets where other manufactures and sellers have ignored your right to choose the type of firearms you purchase.

Franklin Armory is offering the limited edition "CA DOJ LIES" bumper sticker for sale to help build our war chest as we prepare to take on AG Harris and the California Department of Justice.

As many know we have offered a single SE-SSP AR pistol for sale in the state of California since Jan. 1, 2015. The SE-SSP was in full compliance of the current state laws, and we sought to have the SE-SSP listed on the roster in an effort to make purchasing simpler.

We submitted 3 copies of our SE-SSP to a California DOJ approved testing lab; our SE-SSP passed all required tests and was certified by the DOJ approved lab as safe.

The California Department of Justice refused our request to have the SE-SSP pistol added to the list of "not un-safe" handguns. While we were dissapointed by this decision matters were made worse when the Department of Justice sent electronic notification to all California FFL's, that the DOJ had banned our AR pistol by name. This is same pistol that was certified safe by the California DOJ approved testing lab.

Every dollar from the sale of these bumper stickers will be used towards the law suit against the California Department of Justice.

If you care to make a non-tax deductible donation to our war chest, it will be used appropriately and with much appreciation.