FRANKLIN ARMORY® Bolt Carrier Group

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Franklin Armory Ar-15 Bolt Carrier Groups come in the following calibers:
*5.56 NATO
*6.8 SPC
*6.5 Grendel
*450 BM
*Carrier machined from 8620 Steel
*M16 Weight
*Properly staked gas key
*Polished finish
*Franklin Armory logo included
*Treated with Salt Bath Nitride or Nickel Boron 
*Bolt Machined from 9310 or 158 Carpenter steel (depending on availability)
*Includes Extractor "O-Ring"
*Stainless Steel Firing Pin
NOTE: We have noticed the significant increase in demand for our 450 BM specific products. Often these items sell out very quickly, and very few customers get the opportunity to actually place an order on line.

Subsequently, we will now accept back order purchases of 450 BM products, when your order is placed, your credit card will be charged and your position will be secured. All back ordered items will be shipped in the order they were received.