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Franklin Armory™ patented #9,395,130, 10 round, DFM™

Due to high demand orders may take 2+ weeks to ship out.

Magazine for use in restrictive jurisdictions such as California, Connecticut,
and even New York State!

  •  Easily Converts Any AR into a 10 Round, Fixed Magazine Design.
  •  Requires Disassembly of the Action to Remove the Magazine.
  •  No Permanent Alterations Required
  • Suitable for use with Rifles Featuring Banned Features. California Compliant!
  • Connecticut Compliant!
  • New York Safe Act Compliant!
  • Limiting Tabs Prevent Release Through the Bottom of Magazine Well.
  • Can only be Removed from the Top when the Upper is Tilted out of the way!
  • Available as an Accessory or Installed in Brand New Franklin ArmoryTM Firearms.

Installation will require removing and reinstalling your bolt catch.

We also offer a modified bolt catch for use in CA and CT.

Modified Bolt Catch for DFM Magazine

Please note that the 450 BM magazine is only 5 rounds while all others are 10 round capacity.  All calibers besides 5.56 NATO may be delayed by several weeks while they are put into production.

Patent #9,395,130