.308/7.62x51 Franklin Armory® Triumvir™ muzzle device Factory Second

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These are Factory Seconds (Blemished) models that are functionally and cosmetically perfect. The indexing flats are just off and will not align vertically for aesthetics.

Limited Quantity Available

The Triumvir™ muzzle device is a strategic combination of design features to better equip users of modern carbines employed in defense and CQB roles.

As a flash hider, there are three custom venturi cuts that all but eliminate the flash signature, even in short barrel configurations!

The unique venturis are machined shorter on the bottom and longer on the top. The shorter, venturi cuts allow for a reduced dust signature when shooting prone. The longer cut on top generates a compensating effect which results in a greater ability to stay on target and reduce felt recoil.

Additionally, the Triumvir™ is a high efficient linear compensator. It is designed to propel the report of the muzzle forward toward the target. Consequently, the operator will perceive a greatly reduced report. Even those standing either side of the operator, behind the plane of the muzzle, will find the peripheral report is greatly reduced. Fellow shooters at the range will appreciate the result.

* Available in heat treated 17-4 steel or salt bath nitride finish.

* Available thread sizes:

    • 308 WIN - 5/8”-24