AR15, Release Firing System, RFS -

Franklin Armory™ is pleased to announce the limited availability of the Release Firing System™, which has a mode that fires only on the release function of the trigger stroke.

Since varmint hunters and target shooters are always looking for a lightweight trigger, they will likely enjoy the RFS™. The pull weight is actually measured in negative numbers! Here is how it works: It features a three position selector that allows the user to switch from Mode 1 for Safe, Mode 2 for traditional Semiautomatic Mode, or Mode 3 for Release Fire Mode. In Mode 3, the firearm is not de-signed to fire on the pull stroke of the trigger. However, when the trigger is released, the hammer will fall forward and hit the firing pin. If the shooter were to have an emergency cease fire after pull-ing the trigger, the RFS™ will allow the shooter to rotate the selector back to Mode 2 and release the trigger without firing a shot. The selector could then be placed on Safe and unloaded. With the added safety features in place, Franklin Armory™ intends to petition various governing bodies to al-low the RFS™ equipped firearms to be used in competition. The RFS™ will be available in all V-Series rifles, as well as the F17-L™ and F17-V4™. RFS™ equipped firearms are slated to start shipping during the first week of December 2015.


It is important to note that both triggers will only be available in complete firearms for the initial launch to ensure that no production issues jeopardize the product success. Every firearm will be tested with a full magazine before shipping so that we can guarantee that every trigger is working absolutely perfectly.