Franklin Armory™ F 17-L™

Franklin Armory™ has been and will remain a steadfast supporter of the Second Amendment. We’ve brought product into markets where other manufactures and sellers have ignored and neglected your right to select the type of firearm you own.

Franklin Armory™ has led the way in California with its XO-26™, CSW™, and AR15 pistols. Today we break new ground in Connecticut where, in conjunction with Center Sports, we are bringing to market the Franklin Armory™ F 17-L™ for immediate purchase. Since the F17-L™ is a rimfire rifle chambered in 17 Winchester Super Magnum, the F 17-L™ follows the spirit and letter of Connecticut law. Since it is a rimfire and not an assault weapon, you can purchase the F 17™ series with the knowledge you are in full compliance with current state regulations.

Franklin Armory™ will continue to build American made AR15 style rifles and pistols into markets where government restrictions have limited your right to choose what type of firearm you own and how you are able to use it. We are proud to support you and your rights as we continue to manufacture firearms 100% made in America, by Americans, with American materials.